Covid-19 Solutions

We have become involved in the fighting the Covid-19 Virus.

Our Anti-virus fogging is an important measure of combating the further transmission of viruses.


Important to note that your home is the same as your human body…should be cleaned and treated.  Non-human facilities include Hotels, Schools, Workplaces and areas of gathering.

The product is registered with The Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries ACT, 1947 (act no 36 of 1947) L 7354.

It is effective against all groups of airborne and static pathogens, ie bacteria’s, fungi, viruses and many more.

The elimination of the germs has a great success rate which means the area is much safer than previously and therefore a reduced rate of transmission.

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*FREE Quotations are subject to terms and conditions. Certain quotations may, therefore, be subject to a call-out fee.

Our Services

We are committed to our clients

We are registered with The Department of Agriculture as a Pest Controller as well as with The Damp and Waterproofing Association of Southern Africa.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation:
072 428 2825 (Hannes) or 082 095 5436 (Thinus)

*FREE Quotations are subject to terms and conditions. Certain quotations may, therefore, be subject to a call-out fee.

Make the right choice of contractor

We are client-driven, committed to quality and service

When you deal with Rooimier, rest assured of friendly, professional advice and quality service. We will listen to you, identify the best way of solving your roffor pest issues and then solve them. We offer reasonable, competitive prices and we’re not in business to rip off our clients.

Why choose us for roof restoration

To start, Rooimier is a registered service provider, which means that you,our clients are protected against poor workmanship and dishonesty. We pride ourselves on client service and sure, they all say that, but our proof is in the pudding!
We give you free, no-obligation quotes, and in case of roof restoration we visit your premises so that we can understand and see exactlty what the problems are.

-We remove dust, dirt and rubble from your roof cavities, to minimise harmful dust coming through ceiling and light fittings
-We fix roof cavities, like the Tooth Fairy fizes tooth cavities
-We fix or remove insulation
-We fix or remove moulded or damp ceilings
-We do whatever other roof work is requested, if humanly possible!

Why choose us for pest control

Once again, we point out that we are a registered entity, and hence clients are protected against half-hearted work and dishonesty. If there are pests to control, we will find them and control them, simple as that!

-We clean dirty spaces in cupboards, under furniture, in warehouses and garages, etc.
-Vacuum follows with placing of rodent wax bait
-We spray and fog, using pet and human friendly insecticides
-We reduce dust mite and bird lice infestation by removing and treating breeding areas.

We always keep an eye on industry developments and new products so we can employ the best methods and products of doing each job.

We offer follow-ups

There are things out of anyone’s control, and in certain cases we will peform follow-up visits to ensure cleint satisfaction.